Day One… Inspiration


There always has to be a day one of something and I suppose today is the day.  I couldn’t explain why I wanted to start a blog until just a couple days ago.  I was logging some miles on the treadmill when I caught part of a morning show that was dangling in front of my artificial pavement.  The featured guest interviewee was Carly Rae Jepsen, the artist who earned her popularity in America with her single “Call Me Maybe”.  Catchy tune, I like it.  Her interrogators wanted to know, how she “got big”… how’d she gotten so successful.  Nothing against the female artist, but nothing she said was really extraordinary.  She’s got talent, took it to Canadian Idol and met the right people.  Bam, she’s a star and everyone wants to know how it happened.  I tuned out after that or changed the channel, and started in on my own thoughts.

What are my goals…and how big are they?  Are the risks I’m not taking preventing me from reaching them?  I’m no American Idol, but I am a woman… who is no less of a woman than Carly Rae Jepsen for that matter.  Truth is, my story is already happening.

And now I’m going to write it down… with the intent to inspire others to dream bigger and take a chance on themselves.

Happy New Year 2014!



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