Cleaning My Plate



In March 2012 I started “eating clean.”  In order to do this I had to give up processed foods and sugar.  Essentially, it brought the foods I was eating down to their bare bones.

Why did I do this?  Sticking to brutal honesty, it started as a way to lose fat and slim out my figure.  But lets look beyond vanity…it truly turned out to be one of the healthiest decisions I’ve made so far!

After sugar was removed from my system every bit of food that entered my mouth tasted better.  The food itself tasted sweeter!  I learned how to fuel my body, and it’s an everyday choice to keep the fuel clean and healthy.

The recipes I post here can also be found on my Pinterest board:

Cleaning My Plate


2 thoughts on “Cleaning My Plate

  1. Barbara

    I so agree Cori, suger is a poison to the body. How did you remove it from your diet? What did you substitute for it? Does that mean no baked goods or using natural sugar in place of processed sugar.


    • I removed it by not eating it. No desserts, candies, sodas, baked goods, etc. I substituted honey, agave and fruit for something sweet. But, to really get sugar out of your system you have to commit. It took me around a week. It’s tough but everything tastes so good when your palate is sugar free. Now I can save sugar for treats instead of a daily craving. I will write about this process soon.


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