Organic Egg Scramble


My whole life I have been an huge fan of cereal for breakfast. Quick… Easy… Tasty… Healthy? Perhaps a little, if it wasn’t laden with so many carbs and sugar. Satisfying? Honestly, maybe for an hour or so… But soon after, I’d be hungry again.
After I “cleaned” up my diet, cereal wasn’t located anywhere on my lists of “clean” foods. Instead it was on the long list of over processed, over sugared and unfulfilling foods.  How was I ever going to satisfy my hunger pains?

Would you believe I found my solution in something as simple as scrambled eggs?  Committing to making scrambled eggs on a daily basis for breakfast was a little daunting.  I mean wasn’t that going to be a time consuming endeavor?

Not when you make it easy and routine:

While heating up a pan with some coconut oil in it I dive into the fridge for my organic egg whites, cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes and cilantro.

After my egg whites are about 70% cooked I slide them over to one side of the pan and put about 1/2c cottage cheese in.  The eggs finish cooking and my cottage cheese is warm and melty. Mix ’em together and throw some tomatoes in.  I love cilantro so everything is better with a bunch of cilantro in it.  Done. Eat. Go.


4 thoughts on “Organic Egg Scramble

  1. Nicole

    I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to this dish. It is so satisfying and very quick and easy! Sometimes I like to eat it with a slice of toasted hearty wheat bread.



    You are the definition of cool. Cottage cheese in a frying pan…who woulda thunk it? Love the posts. Keep em coming…

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  3. Barbara

    This breakfast option really looks appetizing, which is so important and fun in meal prep. The way a meal looks is half the fun of eating it. I also wanted to tell you I have a cereal, home made that is excellent, healthy, and satisfying. If your interested I can share it with you.


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