Farm Fresh Organic Eggs


These are my Organic Chicken Eggs.  Beautiful aren’t they?!


Ever since I adopted a “clean” diet, chicken eggs have been a staple breakfast food item in my house.  I pretty much eat an organic egg scramble everyday.

But you’re wondering:  Where do I get my organic eggs?

I am so lucky to have a farmer, nurse friend who has chickens and I buy them from her.  If you don’t have a farmer friend, check out your local farmer’s market. If you don’t have a local farmer’s market you can find organic eggs at your local grocery store.

However, learn your brands.  Don’t be fooled or taken advantage of!  Find out if the “cage free” eggs are also “organic” and if the “organic” eggs are also “cage free”.

This follows the same thought process you use when learning that “Light” and “Low Fat” labeling does not necessarily ensure a healthier product.

Labels can be so deceiving.  I get so angry when I think about how I’ve been tricked into thinking a company values their food quality, and the process they use for making it, when in fact, they’ve just twisted their marketing to make me think they do.

Hope this inspires you to take a look at something as simple as your egg choices in the grocery store.  Try some Farm Fresh eggs when available.  See if you can taste the difference.  See if talking to a farmer that knows and takes care of those chickens makes an impact on your choices.  But most of all, eat clean and healthy my friends!


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