Keep Herbs Fresh


I freaking love cilantro.  I buy it impulsively.  After routinely watching it deteriorate in my refrigerator drawers time and time again I decided I was going to figure out how to prolong it’s shelf life.


I experimented with washing and not washing, airtight ziplocs, non-airtight ziplocs, encasing them in damp paper towels before storing in ziplocs. Yes I even purchased the fancy tupperware specific to storing herbs.  Ultimately, it’s a crap shoot.  Don’t spend money on how to store ’em, spend your money on fresh, organic cilantro and then perhaps use ’em.

Step 1:  Vigorously agitate your bunch of herbs in a large bowl of water.  Change the water as needed.

IMG_42882:  Shake/Towel dry.


3:  Cut the bottoms.


4:  Stick it in a glass, mug or vase of water.  Fridge or no fridge.  Seriously, just use it.




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