Budget Friendly Bathroom Renovation


This is it… Bathroom Reno number one is done!  I say number one because the master bathroom trails closely behind in second place.  Eric and I are not strangers to DIY home improvement projects but this was the biggest one for us thus far.

We started this whole process by checking out show rooms, open houses, and magazines just to figure out what we liked. (The DIY Network was on 24/7 for a while too.)

Then we were on the hunt for what we could afford.  We frequented Home Depot and Lowes so much we practically knew the employees by name!  We are our own demolition crew in addition to the interior designers so this adds to our savings. As much as I’d like to save more money by doing the installation ourselves my nursing and Eric’s banking expertise would not get us very far in this arena.  So, we pride ourselves in knowing when to draw the line.  Hiring professionals to get the work done in a timely manner is the icing on the cake to seeing our vision come together.

Here’s what it looked like BEFORE…150957_10200353875316439_1616158085_n





This vanity is 3-4 inches higher than the one we removed.  No more back-breaking face washing for us!  IMG_4859

We also had the shower head raised so my 6’5 husband can finally wash above his shoulders.  According to him, that alone was worth every penny spent!

382007_10200353872116359_1659140502_n 305481_10200353861476093_557205090_n 230383_10200353855475943_57160723_n

A small little splurge was adding a light over the tub.  I tried to take some pictures that capture the new, soft, ambient lighting.


By tiling the shower walls all the way up to the ceiling we made our little bathroom look so much bigger.46450_10200353858076008_1651305896_n

For future projects we learned two big lessons:

One, know exactly how your plumbing is configured so you don’t have to spend extra time and money adjusting it because you bought a cabinet with drawers on the wrong side.

Two, check all your new appliances and fixtures, etc BEFORE they’re installed and/or grouted into place.  We didn’t peel the clear plastic off our new tub and inspect every square inch of it before it was installed and upon project completion we found damage.  Who knows how or when it happened.  Was it there when we bought it, or did it happen during construction?  It was a sad, gut wrenching surprise that again required more money to fix.

However… Despite any and all errors, Eric and I have a lot to be thankful for and we are VERY happy with our new bathroom.  I hope sharing inspires you to take charge and design your bathroom exactly the way you want, while keeping to what your wallet wants as well.



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