Keep Herbs Fresh


I freaking love cilantro.  I buy it impulsively.  After routinely watching it deteriorate in my refrigerator drawers time and time again I decided I was going to figure out how to prolong it’s shelf life.


I experimented with washing and not washing, airtight ziplocs, non-airtight ziplocs, encasing them in damp paper towels before storing in ziplocs. Yes I even purchased the fancy tupperware specific to storing herbs.  Ultimately, it’s a crap shoot.  Don’t spend money on how to store ’em, spend your money on fresh, organic cilantro and then perhaps use ’em.

Step 1:  Vigorously agitate your bunch of herbs in a large bowl of water.  Change the water as needed.

IMG_42882:  Shake/Towel dry.


3:  Cut the bottoms.


4:  Stick it in a glass, mug or vase of water.  Fridge or no fridge.  Seriously, just use it.




Farm Fresh Organic Eggs


These are my Organic Chicken Eggs.  Beautiful aren’t they?!


Ever since I adopted a “clean” diet, chicken eggs have been a staple breakfast food item in my house.  I pretty much eat an organic egg scramble everyday.

But you’re wondering:  Where do I get my organic eggs?

I am so lucky to have a farmer, nurse friend who has chickens and I buy them from her.  If you don’t have a farmer friend, check out your local farmer’s market. If you don’t have a local farmer’s market you can find organic eggs at your local grocery store.

However, learn your brands.  Don’t be fooled or taken advantage of!  Find out if the “cage free” eggs are also “organic” and if the “organic” eggs are also “cage free”.

This follows the same thought process you use when learning that “Light” and “Low Fat” labeling does not necessarily ensure a healthier product.

Labels can be so deceiving.  I get so angry when I think about how I’ve been tricked into thinking a company values their food quality, and the process they use for making it, when in fact, they’ve just twisted their marketing to make me think they do.

Hope this inspires you to take a look at something as simple as your egg choices in the grocery store.  Try some Farm Fresh eggs when available.  See if you can taste the difference.  See if talking to a farmer that knows and takes care of those chickens makes an impact on your choices.  But most of all, eat clean and healthy my friends!

Organic Egg Scramble


My whole life I have been an huge fan of cereal for breakfast. Quick… Easy… Tasty… Healthy? Perhaps a little, if it wasn’t laden with so many carbs and sugar. Satisfying? Honestly, maybe for an hour or so… But soon after, I’d be hungry again.
After I “cleaned” up my diet, cereal wasn’t located anywhere on my lists of “clean” foods. Instead it was on the long list of over processed, over sugared and unfulfilling foods.  How was I ever going to satisfy my hunger pains?

Would you believe I found my solution in something as simple as scrambled eggs?  Committing to making scrambled eggs on a daily basis for breakfast was a little daunting.  I mean wasn’t that going to be a time consuming endeavor?

Not when you make it easy and routine:

While heating up a pan with some coconut oil in it I dive into the fridge for my organic egg whites, cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes and cilantro.

After my egg whites are about 70% cooked I slide them over to one side of the pan and put about 1/2c cottage cheese in.  The eggs finish cooking and my cottage cheese is warm and melty. Mix ’em together and throw some tomatoes in.  I love cilantro so everything is better with a bunch of cilantro in it.  Done. Eat. Go.

Picture Perfect Earrings


If you’re anything like me you probably have a stash of really cute jewelry that is lost to complete disorganization.  Of course completely unintentional.  That is because you’ve tried your best at organizing with jewelry boxes, bags and dividers.  Hanging contraptions and decorative table top devices.  To no avail you still can’t easily find what you want, when you want it.

ImageTada!  Exactly what you never knew you were looking for right?  Like myself, you may have seen things like this while surfing pinterest or your favorite DIY websites.  Was it really as easy to make as it looks?  Yes… and cheap!  The picture frame was free, I had the hot glue and the fabric was off the clearance table at JoAnn Fabrics for $1.50.

I cut the fabric to size, a bit bigger than the frame.  Hot glue dries pretty fast, so I glued one side down first, let it dry, then pulled it taught and glued down the other.  Repeat for the remaining 2 sides.  Trim Excess fabric.  Mine hangs sturdily on 2 nails in my closet.

Now I can see all my favorite earrings at once while pulling together an outfit.  And bonus… I don’t feel guilty about buying new jewelry anymore since now I can honestly say I’ve been wearing everything I own!

Protein Pancakes


What a surprise it was to finally find a protein powder that I loved! It’s called UMP (Ultimate Muscle Protein).  My favorite flavor is chocolate, but I keep vanilla on hand primarily for these pancakes.  Protein laden pancakes that are a guilt free alternative to the IHOP variety???  Sign me up and keep ’em coming!

1/2c egg white

1 egg

1 scoop vanilla UMP

*Add very small amounts of water if needed for a batter-like consistency

Cook like a pancake.  Forget the butter or syrup…just chop up some fresh fruit or defrost some frozen.  Get fancy and roll ’em up like crepes!

They even taste good cold so wrap up those leftovers for a quick snack later.

Clean Tuna


What do you put in your tuna salad when you aren’t eating Mayo, Miracle whip or Vegenaise?

When I started “eating clean” I was no longer in my comfort zone.  It was here in this strange new place that I got more creative and started to come up with some new ideas.  Not even hard ones.  Just different from what I was used to.  This version of tuna salad is delicious, filling and easy!

1 Can Tuna (my fave is Costco’s brand)

Pepperoncinis with some juice

1-2 Celery stalks (organic)-chopped

Tomatoes/Cherry Tomatoes (organic)-chopped

1/2 Avocado-chopped


(One reason I choose organic for items with thin skins is because they truly do taste better when organic.)

Chop and mix.  That’s it.  Add as much or as little as you want of each.  I love cilantro so I put a lot in.  I add more pepperonchini juice if I think it’s a bit too dry.  Make it what you love, and when you love it, you will eat it!



I was looking for motivation.  Anywhere I could find it I took it.  The most powerful lesson I was learning, was that being motivated was not a one time decision.  It was and is a verb.  A conscious effort to remain motivated everyday is necessary, or you will, without fail, “fall off the wagon.”

I needed to figure out what motivated me and reinforce it.  Over and over.  Every single day.  I did this by scouring Pinterest and blogs for stories, photos and quotes that struck the same nerve over and over.  I started collecting them to my Pinterest board.


With a diet and exercise that remained consistent week after week, I felt stronger.  I looked better.  I was working hard and getting harder.  And I loved it.

I wanted to give back to the community of people searching for their daily motivation.  And this is how, Work Hard Feel Hard, was born.

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